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It takes more than a few sleek design pieces, accolades and loveable clients (although we have our share) to add up to a great communications company.
Scroll down and check out our stats. Some are techy, some are personal,
but they're all part of what makes Touchwood tick.
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We don't just have one working philosophy.
We have three.

1. Hands on in a hands off world

In this wireless, HD, digital age of tweeting, sharing and liking, we pride ourselves on working with any tools that help your project reach design nirvana.

From pencil to paintbrush, from hammer to hacksaw, from our hands to our minds, we believe in using elements beyond a software palette. Whether ducking mosquitoes while trying to get the right shot, or covered in sawdust creating props for an annual report, the results are usually unique, always effective. Of course, if needed, we're pretty handy with that other nifty tool, the computer mouse.

We know that customers and viewers notice extra thought and effort, so we put it in. It's not easy to stand out. But it's worse not to.

2. Ego-free design

However you're looking to rebrand, renew or reinvent your communications, we create solutions that fit you, not us. Winning awards is not our priority; you are.
We're weird that way.

We also love working with owners and entrepreneurs, regardless of their size, because we get the unfiltered vision and passion direct from the source.

3. Small is the new big

Who you meet is who you work with — and, when required, we consult our close network of experienced, like-minded writers, programmers, editors, and thinkers, all of whom share our client-centric dedication. No multi-level, endless turnstile-of-people-with-vague-titles here. You get big agency thinking, not big agency headaches (or bills for that matter).

Shawn Murenbeeld, Creative Director  Details  |  LinkedIn Top

Shawn is an art director, designer and artist with 20+ years of agency and corporate experience. Hes worked across all design fields, from catalogues to product design to organizational branding not to mention advertising, video and interactive media. His work is edged with a fresh, personal style and has received dozens of national and international awards as well as prominence in esteemed design textbooks. His clients have included: United Way Canada, Holt Renfrew, SunLife, The Body Shop (Canada and International), The Smithsonian, and Headwaters tourism.


Member of the Graphic Design Advisory Committee Georgian College
Member of the Program Advisory Committee for the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.
Past member of Lakeshore Arts Council.


Member of the Interactive Media jury panel for the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.
Past member of the Interactive Media jury panel for the New York Art Directors Club.
Past member of the Interactive Media jury panel for the London International Awards.

Jim Diorio, Creative Partner/Writer/Strategy Lead  Details | LinkedIn Top

Jim is acclaimed as one of North America's best writers by legends of the ad worlds. Whether it's guiding creative or strategy, positioning an organization or translating a CEO's vision into words they can get behind, Jim's strategic and creative leadership can move consumers, supporters, and stakeholders alike. Jim's 12 years as Chief Idea Officer at Manifest Communications have brought him non-profit and associational experience on more influential organizations and causes than almost any other professional, including re-branding the United Way and leading Canadian universities. Over the years, Jim's advertised cheap lipstick, expensive cars and priceless social change, but advertising is just one thing he can help you with: be it a post, a positioning site, a speech or more, he's thrilled with the possibility of working with anyone who has something important to say.

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